Whether you have outgrown your existing space, are expanding your business or just feel that now is the right time to move on, relocating your business can be a stressful and lengthy process.  At Arena Office Design we aim to make this process simple and straightforward by offering a relocation service to help you get your existing furniture and equipment safely into its new home.

Our team of fitters are experienced at managing office relocations and even if you are not purchasing new office furniture you can trust them to treat your existing furniture like new as we help you to move into your new premises.

If you don't know where to put your furniture we provide a free office design and planning service and can suggest additional furniture to complement your existing items if you are moving into larger premises.

Whatever your office relocation needs don't hesitate to pick up the phone and contact us today on 01543 472936 to discuss your requirements in more detail.


If you are thinking of moving into new office premises you will most likely be required to make good and leave your existing rented property in the condition it was in when you first occupied it.  At Arena Office Design we offer full dilapidation works to help you dismantle and dispose of those items you no longer need as well as carrying out decorating and electrical work to return your offices to their former state.

To find out more about dilapidations please do contact us on 01543 472936.